dr. Enrico Albertini – President

Born in Reggio Emilia on 3rd November 1982, living in Reggio Emilia. Degree in “Dentistry and Dental Prostheses” – University of Parma . Specialization in “Orthodontics” (with merit) – University of Ferrara. Exclusive Freelance in Orthodontics in Reggio Emilia, Modena e Parma. Member of the Italian Board of Orthodontics (I.B.O.). Member of the European Board of Orthodontics (E.B.O.). Visiting Professor at “Postgraduate School of Orthodontics”, Ferrara University. Tweed Course Coordinator from the Academic Year 2016/2017 at “Postgraduate School of Orthodontics”, Ferrara University. Active Member of “Accademia Italiana di Ortodonzia”

dr. Giacomo Scuzzo – Vice President

Dr.Giacomo Scuzzo, graduated in Dentistry in 2012 at European University Madrid, specialized in Orthodontics in 2016 at Ferrara University. He has always worked exclusively in Orthodontics, with a special interest in Lingual Orthodontics.  He is adjunct professor in Digital Orthodontics at Ferrara University and clinical Instructor in Lingual Orthodontics technique at Complutense University Madrid.  Dr.Scuzzo has spoken and published in Italy and abroad on Lingual Orthodontics. Member of the governing council of Italian Lingual Orthodontics Society (AIOL). Dr.Scuzzo has a private pratice limited to lingual orthodontics in Rome, Italy.

dr.ssa Anna Colonna – TREASURER

Graduated in Dentistry at the University of Sassari, 110/110 Lode. Specialized in Orthodontics at the Postgraduate School of Orthodontics, University of Ferrara, 50/50 lode. 2nd level Master in Orthodontic Sciences at the University of Ferrara. Holder of a scholarship in 2017 at the same University. Member of the AIOL board of directors since 2017. Private practitioner in Orthodontics, Temporomandibular and Sleep Disorders in Latisana (UD) and Marina di Carrara (MS). Author of publications in national and international journals. Speaker at national and international conferences.

dr.ssa Laura Bonaccorso  – SECRETARY

Born in Palermo in 03/11/1986.  Graduated in dentistry at University of Messina in 2010. Specialist in orthodontics at University of Ferrara discussing the sperimental thesis “ Efficiency of set up of straightwire lingual orthodontics treatments”.  Secretary of AIOL since 2014. Member of SIOI and AIDOR. Freelancer exclusivist in ortodontics and pediatric dentistry in Sicily and Emilia Romagna.

dr. Pasquale Aceto  – COUNCILLOR

Pasquale Aceto graduated in Dental Medicine in 2008 in Naples (Italy), and during the Undergraduate course, he attended the “Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Facultadad de Odontologia” in Madrid, Spain for the “Erasmus” project between September 2006 and February 2007. He received the Postgraduate Diploma in Orthodontics in February 2013 in Naples (Italy) and he is lecturer at the University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli” about Straight-Wire Mirabella Technique, Naples. He passed Italian Board of Orthodontics (IBO) exam as full member in October 2017, European Board od Orthodontics (EBO) exam as provisional member in June 2014, Italian Accademia of Orthodontics Board exam as active member in April 2018.  He is a member of the EOS, SIDO, AIDOR, AIOL and CH Tweed Foundation. Dr. Aceto has published as author and co-author more than 10 publications and he has been speaker at national and international conferences. His interest includes Straight-wire, lingual orthodontics and skeletal anchorage.

dr. Niki Arveda  – COUNCILLOR

Graduated in Dentistry at the University of Pavia in 2011, 110/110 with merit. He received the degree of “Specialty in Orthodontics” with honors at the University of Ferrara in 2016. At the same University he received a bursary for the year 2014-2017 and he was Research Fellow in 2018. Author of pubblications on national and international journals. Adjunct professor at the University of Ferrara from 2018. He is active member of the AIDOR (Italian Academy of Orthodontics). He is active member of the IAED (Italian Academy Esthetic Dentistry). He deals with Orthodontics for the children and adults, using traditional and aesthetic techniques. He practices orthodontics in Ferrara, Bologna, Massa Carrara.

dr. Roberto Stradi – COUNCILLOR

2001 Post Graduation in Orthodontics. 2016 Master of Science in Lingual Orthodontics. 2004-11 “Professore a contratto of lingual orthodontics”  . 2001-2019 Clinical Instructor of lingual orthodontics. 2013-2017 Manager, Main Teacher and Tutor of the International II Level Master in Lingual Orthodontics. Assignments  Aarhus University, Postgraduate programme in Orthodontics: Clinical Tutor (six months) of Lingual Orthodontics
– International Certification Provider of IncognitoTM Lingual System (3M Company)
– European Society of Lingual Orthodontics (ESLO): Active and Titular Member
– World Society of Lingual Orthodontics (WSLO): Active Member
– National and International Lecturer
– Teacher in Italian and International Education Project in Lingual Orthodontics
– President of ESLO Congress 2022