Dear AIOL associate, we are the future of Lingual Orthodontics! Such a  loved and adored discipline as performed by the chosen few!

We are ready!

We have so much enthusiasm that we will be able to involve even the more distant colleagues!

The new board, composed of a group of enthusiasts of this discipline has  numerous and different activities planned.

We have organized a study club,  in order to allow  younger colleagues  to discuss cases together, share techniques and treatment strategies with expert moderators of lingual techniques!

A beautiful congress organized by SiTeBi is being arranged, in which we will speak on  the first day about torque control  and treatment mechanics, and on the second day we’ll be dealing with multidisciplinary treatments. And we’ll be organizing others in the coming years!

You will receive monthly publications, one clinical case treated by one of our associates and a review of an article of an international paper linked to lingual orthodontics!

Various model displays will be organized in order to motivate young or more experienced  colleagues to publish their cases! If you are not signed cannot miss this opportunity!

We will enjoy ourselves with our beloved lingual orthodontics!

I open my arms to you all!

AIOL President

Enrico Albertini

Download the Society Statute here  > Society Statute

Our history:


Giuseppe Scuzzo 1995-98
Stefano Velo 1998-99
Aldo Carano – Giuseppe Siciliani 1999-2000
Maurizio Cannavò 2001-02
Marino Musilli 2003-05
Maria Antonietta Lucci 2005-08
Giuseppe Scuzzo 2008-12
Luca Lombardo 2012-16
Luca Saba 2016-19